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Are you leaving money on the plate? 

Gail Kurpgeweit is a seasoned Consultant, Business Owner and Management Professional

  • Former Director of Catering for a Fortune 100 company managing $14 Million in catering sales
  • Started and operated a successful 5-star catering company serving the greater Seattle area, growing sales to over $1 Million in first year.
  • Formerly owned/sold a USDA certified foodservice manufacturing company serving major US companies including Microsoft, Boeing, Compass Group, Hospitals, Universities and more.

If your restaurant, catering, or manufacturing/production company is like many in the foodservice industry, you can find your teams working very hard with less-than-expected or no profit to show for it.

You may even be growing.  But growth can hide a lot of 'sin' when it comes to efficiency, cost controls and productivity.  

We can help.  

Request our FREE Profit Analysis Report:  

  • First we analyze the revenue and expenses for your business, including a review of food costs

  • Then we benchmark and compare your company to others in your industry of similar size and scope.

  • We perform a marketing and market share review.

  • Then Combine our findings into a detailed Profit Analysis Report with recommendations on how to:
    • Increase profit 
    • Reduce costs
    • Gain market share 

This report is CONFIDENTIAL and is covered under a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your proprietary information.  

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