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Gail Kurpgeweit is a seasoned Consultant, Business Owner and Management Professional

  • Former Director of Catering for a Fortune 100 company managing $14 Million in catering sales
  • Started and operated a successful 5-star catering company serving the greater Seattle area, growing sales to over $1 Million in first year.
  • Formerly owned/sold a USDA certified foodservice manufacturing company serving major US companies including Microsoft, Boeing, Compass Group, Hospitals, Universities and more.

Are you leaving money on the plate? 

If your restaurant, catering, or manufacturing/production company is like many in the foodservice industry, you can find your teams working very hard with less-than-expected or no profit to show for it.

You may even be growing.  But growth can hide a lot of 'sin' when it comes to efficiency, cost controls and productivity.  

We can help.  

Request our FREE Profit Analysis Report:  

  • First we analyze the revenue and expenses for your business, including a review of food costs

  • Then we benchmark and compare your company to others in your industry of similar size and scope.

  • We perform a marketing and market share review.

  • Then Combine our findings into a detailed Profit Analysis Report with recommendations on how to:
    • Increase profit 
    • Reduce costs
    • Gain market share 

This report is CONFIDENTIAL and is covered under a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your proprietary information.  

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